Recommended Prestressed Concrete Books

What is Prestressed Concrete ?

Prestressed Concrete is basically concrete in which internal stresses of a suitable magnitude and distribution are introduced so that the stresses resulting from external loads are counteracted to a desired degress.

Prestressed concrete is a modified form of reinforced concrete, it not only eliminates the weakness of concrete, but also makes it possible to take full advantage of compressive strength of concrete. In reinforced concrete members, the pre-stress is commonly introduced by tensioning the steel reinforcement.

In addition to structural precast members, viz., joists, beams, slabs, columns, girders, etc, prestressed concrete is used for the framed multi-storeyed buildings. Prestressed concrete can be applied to almost all concrete constructions where ordinary reinforced concrete is used. But due to high cost or prestressing and better quality materials used, its use is made under special condition, particularly for precast members.

A large variety of industrial structures such as silos, roof trusses, water tanks, piles, pipes, nuclear power stations, factories, steel plants, electric sub-stations, etc can also be built in prestressed concrete.

Recommended Prestressed Concrete Books

Title of the Book : Prestressed Concrete

Author of the Book : N Krishna Raju

Contents :

Materials for Prestressed Concrete
Prestressing Systems
Analysis of Prestress and Bending Stress
Losses of Prestress
Deflection of Prestressed Concrete Memebers
Flexural Strength of Prestressed Concrete Sections
Shear and Torsional Resistance of Prestressed Concrete Members
Transfer of Prestress in Pretensioned Members
Anchorage Zone Stresses in Post-Tensioned Members
Limit State Design Criteria for Presressed Concrete Members
Design of Prestressed Concrete Sections
Design of Prentensioned and post-tensioned flexural members
Composite construction of presressed and in-situ concrete
Statically indeterminate structure
Prestressed Concrete Pipes and Tanks
Prestressed Concrete Slabs and Grid Floors
Prestressed Concrete Shell and Folded Plate Structures
Prestressed Concrete Poles, Piles, Sleepers
Introduction to Optimum Design of Prestressed Concrete Structure
Prestressed Concrete Bridges
Prestressed Concrete Trusses
Planning and Economical Aspects of Prestressed Concrete Structures
Construction of Prestressed Concrete Structures
Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Prestressed Concrete Structures