Vertical & Horizontal Transportation


Introduction ;

  • Means of Transportation that is used to transport people and goods from one level to another (i.e. vertical) and one point to another same level point (i.e. horizontal)
  • Saves time and energy
  • Useful and convenient especially to elderly and people who are lugged down by their shopping loads or luggage
  • Can be found in various office buildings, shopping complexes, airport terminals etc.
  • There are various types of vertical & horizontal transportation, some may only serve the purpose of transporting, others are installed as part of the aesthetic value (i.e. in exhibition halls, zoos, museums etc)
  • Frequent checkups and regular maintenance is required. Ill maintained machinery may cause injuries, even fatalities
Vertical & Horizontal Transportation

 Vertical Transportation - Elevators and Escalators
    1. Vertical transport that efficiently moves people or goods between floors of a building
    2. Powered by electric motors - traction cables and counterweight system - hydraulic
    3. Hydraulic mechanism is cheaper, but installing cylinder greater than a certain lengths becomes impractical – > 7 stories must use traction lift
    4. Hydraulic lift is slower than traction lift
    5. Elevator doors protect building tenants from falling into the shaft
    6. Safest mode of transportation
    7. Lesser risk of injuries, passenger and goods are safely tucked in the lift car to be moved upwards
    8. Highly convenient for high – rise building


    1. Power – driven, continuously moving staircase
    2. Designed to transport people and goods up and down short vertical distances
    3. Have the capacity to move large number of people at shorter time
    4. Can be placed in the same physical space where stairs would be; during malfunction can be used as normal staircase due to it’s unique design
    5. No waiting interval except during heavy traffic
    6. May be weather-proofed for outdoor use
    7. Moves at a constant speed at approximately 03m – 0.6m per second with a standard rise up to about 18m
    For the advantages,disadvantages and the different between Elevator and Escalator, you can view the article,

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