How to Pay JPJ Summon & Compound


Pay JPJ Summon Compound Cara Kaedah Prosedur Bayar Saman Polis JPJ
Types of Summons
There are currently 2 types of summons being issued by the Malaysian JPJ (Road and Transport Department), namely:
  • Summons that can be compounded. This type of summons have to be cleared before the stipulated time and it is usually 1 month but it may vary.
  • Summons that cannot be compounded. This type of summon can only be cleared through a court session.
Where to Pay your Summons
Summons can be paid at:
  • Any State JPJ office, branch and small JPJ office.
  • Through online e-services

Summons Payment Method
  1. Payment can be made by presenting your copy of JPJ summon (P)22 and the amount that needs to be paid.
  2. For the payment of PG1 notice, a report of PG2 has to be included with your JPJ summon (P)22 and the amount that needs to be paid.
  3. Payment can be made in cash term.
  4. Payment can also be made in the form of cash post/bank draft after your compound rate has been known.
  5. Payment can be made through internet e-services.
JPJ Latest Compound Payment Rate

You can check the latest rate of payment for any offense in previous article here


The compound rate is final and fixed by the JPJ system and will not be reduced any further.
For summons that can be compounded and does not involve PG1 notice, payment can be made through the following websites:

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