Vertical Transportation - Elevators and Escalators Part 2


Advantages of Elevator
  • Suitable for High –Rise Building
  • Faster mode of vertical transportation for lengthier vertical distance
  • Statistic shows lesser risk of injuries/ accident
  • Convenient – does not take much space except for the maintenance room
Vertical Transportation - Elevators and Escalators Part 2

Disadvantages of Elevator
  • Expensive to maintain
  • In case of malfunction, need to use other mean of transportation
  • Longer waiting period especially during heavy traffic
  • Lesser capacity to transport people and good at a certain time
Advantages of Escalator
  • Have the capacity to transport large number of people at shorter time
  • Faster mode of transportation for short vertical distances
  • Can be placed/substituted as normal staircase even during malfunction
  • No waiting interval except during heavy traffic
  • May be weather – proofed for outdoor use

Disadvantages of Escalator
  • Only convenient for short vertical distance, better to use lifts for lengthier vertical distance
  • Takes up space to install
  • Higher risk of injuries.
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